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2011年6月19日 星期日

Cellular functional water 细胞功能水

Health is wealth. Indeed, health is everything, be it to an individual, a family, a society and a country. To have true wellness, one of the inevitable elements in life is attributed by the quality of our DRINKING WATER. However, many people do not realize that clean filtered water may NOT be sufficient to maintain health. Health statistics in the country is showing that degenerative diseases are rising at an alarming rate even we are drinking purified clean water everyday. What is the contributing factor behind ?
This is because the water that we are drinking are mostly proton-saturated and causes oxidative damages or free radical. High level of oxidative damages is the underlying cause of premature aging more than 100 types of acute and chronic diseases. Besides, our treated water has high surface tension (higher than NMR 100 Hz) and thereby has difficulty in permeating into our cells and thereby causes cells dehydration.
The Nobel Prize recipient, Dr Alexis Carrel quoted that ‘our cells are immortal, the wellness of our cells is determined by the fluid that bathe our cells.’ Many of us tend to ignore the importance of water and look elsewhere for magic bullet. Rightfully, when a fish is sick, the first thing to do is to change the water in the fish tank. This theory is even supported by the father of vaccine - Louis Pasteur whom recanted his germ theory by admitted that “the microbe is nothing but the inner-terrain is everything’.
Water can be the best natural medicine and in reverse, it can also be the hidden health threat. It is apparent that drinking clean and purified water may not be sufficient to maintain health. The focus should be on the choice of water that has health properties and in this case, VWA CELLULAR FUNCTIONAL WATER is highly recommended.

As a continuous support of the mission of our Prime Minister on ‘1 MALAYSIA’ in which the key emphasis of this concept it to focus on PEOPLE. Hence, this proposal is made with the following objectives :
1. To promote a healthier young generations by providing them VWA CELLULAR FUNCTIONAL WATER to all children in all SCHOOLS. A healthier younger generation simply means a better future for the country. Drinking functional water will be able to enhance the immune system of all children and teachers in the SCHOOL.

2. To provide VWA CELLULAR FUNCTIONAL WATER to the patients and medical staff in all HOSPITALS; to accelerate healing process of the patients and thereby reducing the ever increasing medical bills.

(*Notes : Since the 1960’s, Japanese hospitals have been using functional water for healing and health treatment.)

VWA Cellular Functional Water System is NOT an ordinary water filtration system. It is imported from KOREA and it is regarded by Korea FDA as a medical device (Registration No. 2131). It is indeed the world’s top rated water ionizer as per an independent research organization in USA. (source : The machine has also been accredited with more than 17 international authentications and patents. In Malaysia, VWA is the 1st Organization that has won the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand and KERIS Award. All these are attributed by the unique market positioning and astonishing product efficacy.

VWA WATER IONIZER is totally different from all the water treatment systems available in the marketplace. Simply because those systems are meant for filtration and purification BUT VWA Water Ionizer is NOT just an ordinary filtration system as it is a MEDICAL DEVIICE for household use, and it is clinically proven to be beneficial on major chronic diseases. This is attributed to its’ amazing anti-oxidant properties in which it has thousands of times more potent than Vitamin C & Vitamin E. In fact, VWA Cellular Functional Water can demonstrate differences of its’ system against any other water system easily. One of which is the decreases of Blood Sugar in merely 30 minutes after drinking VWA Cellular Functional Water!!! This test is astonishing even in the eyes of medical doctors!!!
Apart from its’ high anti-oxidant properties; the system is able to reverse the problem of degenerated water in which it poses health risks. More and more scientific evidences reported that water has the ability to remember. Hence, if a substance or pollutant in the water is being removed or filtered, but the vibration or frequency of the contaminant remains intact in the water; causes the water structure to be altered and becoming abnormal, bigger micro-clusters, abnormal vibrations and hence lost the original heal-giving abilities of water. Long term consumption of degenerative water has profound effect on our immune system and it is the underlying cause of series of degenerative diseases. This phenomenon explains as to why drinking just filtered water is not enough to attain well-being.
VWA Cellular Functional Water provides abundance of ionic minerals in substantial amount of negatively-charged hydrogen (OH-) and it is able to provide the most potent and natural antioxidants to restore and maintain the biological terrain. It is structured water with lower surface tension (NMR 57 Hertz) for superb cellular hydration.
Water can “Kill” and water can “Heal”!!! It is attributed by the charge of the water. For details of the product write-up and information, please refer to appendices as attached. ***

It is clear that water has medicinal and functional values. By drinking VWA Cellular Functional Water everyday, it is the simplest way to restore and maintain our biological terrain.
This PROPOSAL will surely benefit mankind; a project that will surely touches the heart of our nation. As the saying goes “Charity begins at HOME” and it is really meaningful to provide WELLNESS to our future generations and to all citizens in hospitals. It aids to promote a healthier nation in a very direct way.

為什麼 75%的人口​​處於長期脫水
這是因為我們喝的水大多是質子飽和,造成損害或自由基氧化。高水平的氧化損傷是衰老的根本原因過早超過 100種急性和慢性疾病。此外,我們處理過的水具有較高的表面張力(NMR高於 100赫茲),從而有困難的滲透到我們的細胞,從而引起細胞脫水。
諾貝爾文學獎獲得者,亞歷克西斯卡雷爾博士引述“我們的細胞是不朽的,我們的細胞的健康是由液體沐浴我們的細胞。”許多我們往往忽視水的重要性,並期待其他地方的靈丹妙藥。理所當然,當魚生病時,首先要做的是改變水的魚缸。甚至支持這一理論是由父親的疫苗 - 巴斯德人撤回了他的細菌理論,承認“微生物不過是內心的地形決定一切”。
水可以是最好的天然藥物和逆轉,也可以隱藏的健康構成威脅。很明顯,飲用清潔,純淨水可能不足以維持健康。重點應放在有水的選擇健康的屬性和在這種情況下,VWA CELLULAR功能水強烈建議。

作為持續支持我們的使命馬來西亞總理 '1'在其中的關鍵是這個概念的重點集中於人。因此,這項建議是由以下目標:
1。為了促進更健康的年輕一代提供他們 VWA CELLULAR功能水的所有兒童在所有學校。一個健康的年輕一代僅僅意味著更美好的未來的國家。飲用功能水將能增強免疫系統的所有兒童和教師在學校。

2。為了提供VWA CELLULAR功能水對病人和醫務人員在各醫院,以加快癒合過程的患者,從而減少日益增加的醫療費用。

(*注:自20世紀 60年代,日本醫院一直在使用功能水對治療和保健治療。)

VWA細胞功能水系統不是一個普通的水過濾系統。它是從韓國進口的,它被認為是韓國 FDA的醫療設備(註冊號 2131)。這的確是世界上最精彩的電解水機作為每一個獨立的研究機構在美國。 (來源本機也已超過 17認可的國際認證和專利。在馬來西亞,VWA是第一組織,贏得了亞太超級健康品牌和KERIS獎。所有這些都歸因於獨特的市場定位和驚人的產品功效。

VWA電解水機是完全不同的,從所有的水處理系統可在市場上。很簡單,因為這些系統是用來過濾和淨化但VWA電解水機不只是一個普通的過濾系統,因為它是醫療 DEVIICE供家庭使用,它是臨床上被證明是有益的重大慢性疾病。這要歸功於其“驚人的抗氧化性能,其中有幾千倍的強效比維生素 C和維生素 E事實上,VWA細胞功能水可以展示不同的”制度對任何其他水系統容易。其中之一是降低血糖在短短30分鐘後飲用 VWA細胞功能水!這個測試是驚人的,即使在醫生的眼裡!
VWA細胞功能水提供了豐富的礦物離子大量帶負電荷的氫(OH -),並能提供最有力的和天然抗氧化劑,以恢復和維持生物的地形。它的結構與降低水的表面張力(NMR 57赫茲)的高超細胞水化。
水可以“殺”與水可以“治愈”!這是歸因於電荷的水。有關詳細的產品寫和信息,請參閱附錄如附件。 ***

很顯然,水具有藥用價值和功能。通過飲用 VWA細胞功能水每天,它是最簡單的方法來恢復和維持生物的地形。

2011年6月7日 星期二



Delicious cup of orange juice is so behind the original result of the terrorist !!!?????
Look at the scene of terror as long as the test within thirty minutes of delicious orange juice to it change !!!!!??????
I do not know how much to drink when young, which goes under ?????
Has been reported in Taiwan after the outbreak of !!!!!
The original orange juice is delicious in China Taiwan have this problem !!!!!?????
News but no reports of problems !!!!!!!??????? over fruit juice
So Today, I made a test to know orange juice is so delicious orange juice is terrible, after testing into the juices of the plasticizer ???????

2011年5月31日 星期二

Cellular functional water 细胞功能水

Cellular fucntional water

Rated As No.1 In Its Class In USA
Largest Mesh Surface Area
Awarded As Asia Pacific
(1) the most powerful antioxidants
(2) million or more of vitamin C and E effective
(3) It is not a common filtration system
(4) This is the medical equipment from Korea
(5) is not what you eat and the number of drinks
(6) This is how much you can absorb the number of cells
(7) 57Hz most rapid cell permeability
(8) determines the topography of your heart to your health and your DNA
(9) Health Functional Water 4 in 1 (anti-oxidants + Hex + PI+ resonance energy)

1.有健康的細胞 才有健康的身體 !
“疾病的根源在於细胞” 預防勝於治療!!
選擇细胞功能水 就是選擇健康!!!
細胞功能水制劑是以重氫硫酸鹽作為分散介質,形成全離子化的膠狀濃縮液體。它具有表面張力低(40mN/m2,自來水表面張力高達 73mN/m2),粒子線度小(4-7納米)的特點,是一種有助於細胞快速吸收的高科技營養補充品,在人體內能將水分子裂解為新生的氧和氫,並釋放能量,給細胞補氧。細胞功能水是利用重氫在人體內使水分子裂解,緩慢產生氧氣,增加血液中的溶解氧量,給細胞補氧。同時,細胞功能“水解”產生的氧是在人體需要時才會進行,所以供氧不會過量。而且“水解”產生的OH—和O—,可以源源不斷地提供電子,有效清除體內過量的自由基。
2、細胞功能水排毒 --- 清除體內淤積毒素,增強體質和人體自愈能力
3、細胞功能水抗衰 --- 清除自由基,鞏固修復DNA ,延緩人體衰老,防止惡性疾病
4、細胞功能水營養 --- 補充氨基酸、微量礦物質,直接給養細胞,平衡人體營養
7、細胞功能水產生的新生氫離子,可以提供給身體許多的機轉功能來使用,像是對抗 過 敏、建造和增強細胞和組織、消炎、增加滲透性、保持肺部表面的濕潤以過濾氣體、調節體溫等。氫對消化、吸收和排除等作用很重要,並且可以透過動脈將營養素送達腦部和所有身體細胞。